This page is to give you an idea on “how” the courses are set up within the classrooms.  We aim to make at as easy as possible for our community.   Feel free to explore this page.

☞All of the classrooms are much larger with more content.  This is just a peek into what we offer.

Sample Course

Each course is designed to be taken in chronological order.

In this recorded webinar, Myra Strand explains what is available with Strand Squared Solutions. 

Plus it give you a sample of how webinars are accessed here.


Our on-demand courses are designed to be “deep dives”.  We are aiming for actual systems change through through education. 

Here is a reading on an important concept.

(for the reading)

Learn More about the Third Persona

For the most important and sticky teaching points, we ask our participants to process back and forth with us through various assignments.

We respond to each student and provide feedback helping them to take their advocacy to the next level.   Many of our students have told us that this aspect of the course is very valuable to them.  

We also have found that it is increasing our understanding of the complications of advocacy while enhancing our teaching skills.  

This is the best part of our courses- this back and forth.

(Sample Assignment)
To submit assignment:
Email a word document to

Each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Our courses are approved for CED through the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP) and for

Our 45- hour crime victim advocates course is pre-approved for credentialing through the NACP as well.

(to see sample certificate)

Any course 20+ hours also comes with a private facebook group for participants to work share resources, discuss big issues and share tips.

This is an optional activity that is up to each participant as not everyone has (or wants) a facebook account.  

Sometimes it is useful to have conversations with a participant or with the group.  We are available to meet with participants 1:1 to process through questions.