Welcome to the Strand² Squared Solutions Virtual school house

☞Our Mission: To pave a path from trauma to transcendence through training, education and technical assistance

☞We Envision: A global response to crisis and trauma that is hopeful, human, trauma informed and centered on transcendence.

One way we work towards the manifestation of our vision to provide on-demand education.  The Strand School House is where the classwork happens.  School is always in session!

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What do they say about us?

"I learned what comes after “trauma-informed.” I’ve previously worked in environments where there’s so much focus on “becoming trauma-informed” that it becomes a buzzword and less of a way of being; and there was close to zero conversation about the next step forwards, being healing-inspired! And before this course, I would be much more skeptical about how to change the systems we work in. Being transformative in our work doesn’t mean having to fight so hard and make so much noise until your face turns blue and your efforts fall into the void; you don’t have to be the most powerful person in the room to be truly transformative."
“The 45 hour course is appropriate for advocates, no matter how many time you have spent in the profession, be it one week or 1000 plus weeks. In each module, I was able to learn and grow as an advocate and individual.”
"The Ethics training hit all the right points and showed ethics from a different perspective. It's easy enough for us to say "ethics is ethics and they don't change". I think that makes it easier for those able to build training to say "well how do we make ethics training new and refreshed?" Well, you just did ... Even as a seasoned advocate, I kind of felt like I was having an ethics course for the first time. Translation - I learned a lot and RE learned a lot! "

Strand² Squared Solutions LLC appreciates the diversity of our community and does not discriminate based on political affiliation, occupation, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, sexual history, nation status or origin, race, class, age, ability, height, weight, primary language, legal history, education or HIV or other health status. We aim to work using an intersectional approach. Our goal is to treat everyone with dignity and respect.
-We love our community ❤️